Launch FAQs

Review commonly-asked questions about using the new
TradingBlock platform.

How do I login to the new TradingBlock

Use the same login credentials you use to access the legacy version of TradingBlock. We are working to enable virtual trading on the new platform soon, but only real accounts can access the new platform at this time. Stay tuned.

Can I use both the new and legacy TradingBlock?

Yes, but just not at the exact same time. You can use your current account login credentials to access the new platform or legacy platform. For security, your login can be used only on one of them at any given time, but you can easily switch between the two as you wish (you’ll just need to login again). Our legacy and new platforms are coexisting at this time, so you can place a trade, check balances, etc. on either.

Are trades entered on the new TradingBlock sent to market?

Yes, absolutely. Placing a trade on the new TradingBlock is a real trade in your real TradingBlock account. We are working to enable virtual trading on the new platform soon, but currently only real accounts can access the new platform.

Can I provide feedback?

Yes, email us your feedback to The new TradingBlock offers incredible flexibility so we want to know how we can make it work better for you.

As with any new release, there might be some kinks to work out. No worries. You can always use our legacy platform, or you can reach out to our Customer Service or Trade Desk for help at no additional cost.

Is the new TradingBlock mobile-friendly?

Yes. Our new TradingBlock platform is fully responsive to most screen sizes and is compatible with Safari (iPhone) and Chrome (Android) mobile browsers. We’ll announce when our mobile app is available in the App Store and Google Play.

Is Virtual Trading available?

Yes! Virtual Trading allows you to experience all features of our new TradingBlock platform using real market data while you trade your ideas using virtual money.  Click here to open a Virtual Trading account.